In December 2012 we founded the Farmer’s Market of Fattoria Giambrone. A simple idea behind this choice: offer directly to the consumer the best of our dairy products, fruits and vegetables, every day, ensuring freshness, genuineness and all of this at the best price.

Direct contact with the consumers who wants to know the origin of products they buy, who would like to have much more information than you can usually read on a label.

Enjoy the warm ricotta, freshly cooked, taste the fragrance of a mozzarella made a few minutes before, enjoy the freshness of vegetables freshly picked. All this is possible now and it is a pleasure for us to do it, always ready to accept the suggestions of consumers, their needs and their desires.

Also at our Farmer’s Market will also find the best of the pork meats, an extensive selection of Sicilian wines, craft beers and other delicious delicacies.